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San Diego City/County Resources

Chicago Title Escrow Rates
GFE Quotes 24/7 for Refinance Title & Escrow (applicable when both transactions are with Chicago Title)
Consumer Legal Documents
Abandonment of Homestead - Declaration
Accommodation Recording Form (Print Only)
Acknowledgement Page
Affidavit-Community Property (Surviving Spouse)
Affidavit-Death of Joint Tenant
Assignment of Deed of Trust
Declaration of Abandonment of Homestead
Grant Deed
Grant Deed-Interspousal
Homestead Declaration
Modification and Supplement to Deed of Trust
More Legal Forms and Documents
Note Secured by Deed of Trust
Note Secured by Deed of Trust
Note Secured by Deed of Trust
Notice of Rescission
Partial Reconveyance
Power of Attorney
Preliminary Change of Ownership
Quitclaim Deed
Recorders Adequate Space Cover Page
Request for Notice
Statement of Information Updated 4/19/2010
Substitution of Trustee
Substitution of Trustee and Full Reconveyance
Trust Certification
Uninsured Deed Affidavit Declaration of Conveyance
Educational Resources
Assessor's Map - How to read it
California Foreclosure & Proceedings Timeline
California Foreclosure Process (Non-Judicial)
California Foreclosure Process Chart
California Tax Impound Chart
Common Ways to Hold Title
Commonly Used Endorsements
Do Not Call Cell Program
Easements - Adverse Possession or Prescriptive Easement?
How to Protect Against Mortgage Fraud
HUD-1 Settlement Statement Instructions
Path of a Preliminary Report
Policy Comparison
Preliminary Reports - Possible Problems
Preliminary Title Report and Assessor's Map Sample
Property Tax Dates (with Assessment Appeals dates)
Property Tax Transfer Fees
Quitclaim Deed
Statement of Information
Take Advantage of a Great Time to Buy
Tax Impound Account
The Life of a Title Search
The Life of an Escrow
Title Policy Coverage Comparison
Utility Information - North County
Utility Information - San Diego & South Counties
What is Title Insurance
What is your Dollar Paying For When You Purchase a Title Policy?
What to Expect at Closing (Escrow)
Why You Need Owner's Title Insurance
Why You Need Title Insurance on a Refinance
Why You Need Title Insurance on a Refinance HP
Spanish Educational Resources
Helpful Industry Links