Smart Phone Apps

Smart Phone Apps
Anne Frank's Personal App  
Anne Franks personal app allows you to hand any Title or Escrow question right from your mobile phone! This new app has features including:
  • Instant Access to Title Rates
  • 1031 Exchange - IPX
  • Home Warranties
  • Hazard Disclosure Sources 
  • Links to 100's of Real Estate Documents, Forms & Information
  • Constant Contact 
  Anne Franks

Chicago Title Now Download For:
Title Now gives you instant access to valuable Property Profile Information right from your iPhone, BlackBerry, Android or Tablet!
  • Search by Property Address or APN 
  • Search by Property Owner
  • Search by Location (GPS Required)
  • Have as many as 25 Profiles Saved
  • Enjoy Convenient Communication with your Sales Representative 

Chicago Agent 2.0  Download For:
Have you ever been showing a property after hours and had a financial question you couldn't answer? Chicago Agent 2.0 allows you have instant access from your mobile phone to features such as:
  • Net Sheets
  • Quick Loan Estimates
  • Instant Closing Cost Quotes
  • 2010 HUDs
  • Title & Escrow Services
  • Prorated Taxes
  • Instant Email Capabilities
  • Local Tax Rates